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Introduction Stock Sales

Stephen Street is a UK based, internationally published stock photographer. His stock photography is biased towards nature and wildlife but covers a wide range of topics, from broad vistas to close up details, from large groups to individual species and from generic themes to specific subjects. By using a dynamic combination of interesting light and imaginative composition he endeavours to create visually interesting images.

Living within the North York Moors national park he is perfectly situated to explore a wide range of habitats, subjects, towns and villages. From this base he has travelled throughout the UK and internationally; steadily adding to a stock photography collection that is used in a variety of media such as books, newspapers, magazines and calendars etc.

You can explore a selection of his natural history photographs on his nature and wildlife website at

Stephen Street is represented by a number of domestic and international stock photography agencies. Online stock sales are managed by Alamy and TIPS (The Image Pro Shop); where photographs can be browsed, comp images selected, purchases made and high-resolution images downloaded. All with the convenience and 24/7 availability that only professional online services can provide.


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